Gutter Cleaning Hattiesburg MS

Gutter Cleaning

Open gutters take in water, leaves, and other debris that aren’t good for the health of your home or building. Mold and mildew buildup can damage the structure of your roof and any accumulation of water can lead to water damage in your home. Along with washing services, PatCo has technicians that can really clean your gutters and remove anything harmful that has built up over the years.  Having a clean gutter can prolong their life as well as prolong the life or you roof. Do hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about our service.

PatCo Pressure Washing also does gutter cleaning! No pressure washing service is complete without cleaning your gutters both inside and out. Clean gutters are so important for a home. Leaving them clogged can lead to a lot of damage and it also just doesn’t look good. Gutter cleaning and roof cleaning are very closely related. Without a clean gutter, your roof may be in trouble. And without a clean roof, the gutters can’t do their job well. That’s why PatCo offers a gutter cleaning service. We’ll not only make your house look good but will help it run smoothly.

Benefits of Gutter Cleaning in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Gutter take a beating in the rain. They have to guide the water off of your roof, all while dealing with leaves and other debris stuck inside them. The more clutter inside a gutter, the less it works.
You might think of cleaning your gutters in the fall after the leaves drop, but that’s not the only time they need to be cleaned. Year round debris can get stuck inside, either blown in by the wind or falling from the roof. Gutters also direct water, so any water left standing in the gutters can bring in mold and mildew.
Gutter cleaning takes care of all of that. PatCo’s technicians will clean inside your gutters to get rid of all the debris and contaminants. They will also clean the outside of your gutters to remove any stains or dirt that accumulated. The more you clean your gutter, the less likely debris will build up to really cause damage.
Just like roofs, gutters are pretty high up. Don’t try to clean them yourself. Hire a professional to do your gutter cleaning safely and efficiently.

Maintaining the Quality of Your Gutter

Did you know that a dirty gutter can lead to roof damage? Mold and mildew buildup can grow into your roof and make it less stable. Gutters that have enough damage can also tear away from your house if not treated properly. That’s why gutter cleaning is so important. While cleaning the outside of your gutter will help your house to look clean, it’s really the inside that needs the most work.
Gutter cleaning will remove all the leaves and debris that get caught in your gutters. Then gentle cleaning solutions will wash away stains, mold, mildew, and the harder to see particles. If you have allergies, it will even remove the pollen and other allergens that collect in the gutters as well.
We know that gutter cleaning sounds like yet another task to add to your growing homeowner to do list. So let PatCo lend you a hand. We’ll clean your gutters and roofs at the same time. Just call for an estimate.

Our Promise

At PatCo, we hire the best technicians and promise quality work for whatever services you need. We want your house (or commercial property) to look as good as new! The sides of your house looking a little worn down? Is your fence covered in dirt and grime? Is the roof of your commercial company not the same color as it was when you first bought it? We’ll make sure everything is in tip top shape. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Popular Services

House Washing

Washing the exterior of a house may seem like a daunting task. But with our pressure washing equipment we can have it looking brand new in no time. This service includes anything outside, like your deck, a playground set, garages, and more. We can wash commercial buildings as well. Need something cleaned and aren’t sure if we can cover it? Just ask!

Concrete Cleaning

If you have a concrete driveway, patio, sidewalk, or anything else, contaminants like mildew and algae can grow in the cracks and make the space unsafe – or just look dirty and unappealing. Let us pressure wash all the contaminants away safely. We’ll restore your concrete and remove stains the right way. You’ve got your house and roof clean, why not make the rest of your outdoor space look just as nice?

Roof Washing

Is the roof of your building concrete, shingled, brick, or something else? We can pressure wash or softwash all of it. We know what your roof needs and how to get rid of the grime and the stains so your building can appeal to future buyers or admirers driving down the street. This is a great addition to getting a house wash. Your home will look like new from head to toe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you clean the inside AND outside of my gutters?

Our gutter cleaning services provide both inside and outside gutter cleaning. Be sure to inquire about our gutter brightening service which also includes gutter cleaning.

Do you offer a maintenance program?

We offer maintenance programs for all of our services. Feel free to inquire with us during your project. Regular maintenance directly affects the life cycle of your property and the products installed. Ask us today about our program availability.

Do you also offer a service to adjust or repair gutters?

We offer an add-on service that provides adjustment and minor repairs to gutters. We are glad to discuss this with you in more detail and provide a cost estimate for your project.

Do you recommend a gutter service for major repairs?

We work with many providers local to our area and who we recommend is on a case by case basis depending on the level of repair needed.